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Curriculum Vitae (EN)


Diploma from the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in 1997, started her career as author of an animated film with a RAI production and then collaborating with a director of international fame realising  animated contributions for a full length film.


1999       “Campagna di Sviluppo umano ” RAI Educational, short animated film
               “Forest ” “Buildings ” “Unloading ”
               Participation in the most important international film festivals. 
               Winners of awards  at  the  festivals of Annecy and Basil.

2001      “L’ora di religione ” by Marco Bellocchio, FILMALBATROS Production
               animated insert

 2001      “State zitti per favore ”  by Livia Giampalmo, ISTITUTO LUCE  distribution
               animated insert

 2002       “The jackals party ” short animated film produced by Mc Guffin pictures
              Selected in the most prestigious international animated film festivals, amongst which,
              HIROSHIMA 2002, Animated Castles, in the program Schedule on the channel
              Studio Universal Italia

 2003      “Bits and pieces ” animated video clip
             Displayed at the National Museum of Australian (NMA) for the presentation “Sky lounge"   
             during the international short film festival “Arcipelago”

2004    “Abbasso lo Zoo”  animated video clip commission by LAV
               (Italian Association Against Vivisection)

2005    “La voce di Pasolini_Porno Teo Kolossal” animated insert for the documentary
             Directed by da Matteo Cerami and Mario Sesti
             Produced by BIM and Indigo Film
             Published by Feltrinelli

2005    “Ingannevoli i sensi” tribute to Hitchcock in collaboration with NOIR in FESTIVAL 
            Courmayer 2005
            Selection in the International Competition  “Castelli animati” At the Central 
            Academy of Fine Art in Peking, guest at the presentation
            ELETTROSHOCK The video in Italy from the 70’s to date (1973-2006)

2006    “La commedia delle donne” documentary directed by Mario Sesti for the
             Terre di Siena Film Festival

2007    “Numero uno in lista” animated insert for documentary directed by Giacomo Durzi
            PUPKIN Productio
            The film have won the ANDREA PAZIENZA price at Libero Bizzarri Price2008

    “Santina” animated insert for future film directed by Gioberto Pignatelli
            Official Selection in the International Competition at TFF Torino Film Festival 2009

2009    “La Buona Novella “animated insert for theatrical work directed by Roberta Lena
             Production Roma Europa Festival

2010    “OLYMPIC GAMES - OLIMPIADI XXXII” short film animation.
              The film have won the competition “Un corto per Roma”
              In the jury: the  director Gabriele Muccino and  Mario Sesti


Her films have participated in many National and International Festivals, amongst others,
Annecy, Zagreb film festival, Hiroshima film festival, Espino, Hong Kong Film Festival, Castelli Animati, Ottawa Safo, NICE New Italian Cinema Events, Message To Man-San Petersburg film festival…….
Personal retrospectives were organised that illustrated the artistic and cinematographic path of the director and some of her pictorial works extracted from frames of  films are on display at the Art Gallery Bandera per l’arte, in occasion of the exhibition ITALIAN STYLE CARTOONS in collaboration with the BAF FILM FESTIVAL.
 This was an exhibition that gathered together in a sole event some of the most important animators of Italian animated films


She continuously alternates her work as author with that of production assistant and assistant director collaborating in some of the most important studies in the panorama of Italian animation.
She started in 1997:

1997/99    -Production assistant at the studio Graphilm the project “Gone with the  wings ”
                 -Production Director at the studio Graphilm for the television series “CoccoBill”

2003        -Production assistant for the animated series “Blanche”(26x6-pre-school)
                  Director Loredana MiddioneProduction RAI-Graphisme- Les films de la Perrine

2004        -Assistant director for the animated series “Eppur si muove” at the studio Musicartoon
                         Director Sergio Manfio     Production RAI-Gruppo Alcuni

2005        - Assistant directorfor the second animated series “Eppur si muove”
                at the studio  Musicartoon
                 Director Sergio Manfio    Production RAI-Gruppo Alcuni

2006        - Assistant director for the second animated series “Eppur si muove”
                 at the studio Musicartoon
                 Director Sergio Mangio     Production RAI-Gruppo Alcuni

2006        - Assistant director for the animated series “Antonio e la banda dei giardinetti”
                at the studio Musicartoon
                  Director Enrico Paolantonio    Production RAI- INFOBYTE

2007        - Assistant director for the animated series “Hocus and Lotus” at the studio Musicartoon
                Director Enrico Paolantonio

2008       -Director “G.A.P Gaga Atronaut Professor” animated serie 26x7’
               - Assistant director for the animated series “Marfy of Dreams”
               Musicartoon Production
               Director Enrico Paolantonio


Since 2004 she is teaching at the International School of Comics in Rome with the scope and ambition of  teaching creational and experimental animation to the new generation of aspiring authors.